Vital rights offer reminder of closing date and available actions

On 28 June 2016, Vital Healthcare Property Trust (‘Vital’) issued an Offer Document detailing a 2-for-9 pro rata renounceable offer of new units to existing unitholders (the ‘Offer’).

Unitholders should have by now received a copy of the Offer Document detailing their rights to subscribe for New Units under the Offer. Rights were allocated to unitholders on the basis of 2 New Units for every 9 Existing Units held. Rights can be traded on the NZX Main Board (under the ticker code ‘VHPRC’), with each Right entitling the holder to subscribe for one New Unit. The Manager wishes to remind unitholders that the Offer closes at 5.00pm on 19 July 2016 and of the actions available to them.

Your Rights to subscribe for New Units under the Offer are renounceable. This means that if you are an Eligible Unitholder you may take the following actions:

  • take up all or some of your Rights; OR
  • sell all or some of your Rights; OR
  • take up some of your Rights and sell all or some of the balance; OR
  • do nothing with all or some of your Rights.

Your Rights may have value. If you do nothing, your Rights will lapse and you will not be able to subscribe for any New Units or realise any other value for your Rights.

If you are not an Eligible Unitholder, the Rights that would otherwise be received by you have been issued to a nominee who will endeavour to sell those Rights on the NZX Main Board on your behalf and account to you for the proceeds of sale of those Rights (on a pro-rata basis and net of costs). Those unitholders who have already completed and returned their Entitlement and Acceptance forms with payment to Computershare Investor Services Limited (‘the Registrar’) need not take any further action.

Unitholders wishing to sell their Rights on the NZX Main Board must do so before the Rights cease trading at 5.00pm on 13 July 2016.

Any unitholders wishing to accept the Offer and take up all or some of their Rights should do so promptly, to ensure their application and payment is received by the Registrar, by 5.00pm on 19 July 2016.

Further details of the Offer are contained in the Offer Document which sets out important information about the Offer. Before making an investment decision, unitholders should read the Offer Document in full. Unitholders are encouraged to take their own professional advice before they invest. If unitholders have any enquiries about the Offer they should be directed to an NZX Broker, or your lawyer, accountant or other professional advisor.

If any unitholder has not received details of their Rights or a copy of the Offer Document, or has misplaced their copy, they should contact the Registrar on (09) 488 8777.

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