Sustainability Highlights

Highlights FY21

NorthWest recognizes the growing need to minimize our impact on the planet.

Over the years, we’ve intentionally moved toward more sustainable operations by supporting renewable energy, reducing emissions, and saving on energy costs for both our properties and select corporate offices. We will continue to formalize our efforts, further bringing sustainability into the core of our organization.

Inaugural CDP participation

Vital’s Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) score and the learnings from its involvement will be used to lift and improve the Trust’s future performance.

Achievement of business goals

Vital was able to maintain and achieve its market guidance targets including unitholder distributions despite COVID-19.


Vital launched a new, more informative and easier-toaccess website for investors, tenants and other key stakeholders.

External assessment

Vital sought the assistance of independent external consultants to help measure and improve sustainability performance, particularly around the environment.


Women comprise 45% of NorthWest global senior management. Our diversity policies and practices continue to evolve across our global operations.

Environmental improvements

Program developed to improve environmental measures at all standing assets and continue to ensure developments include sustainable design initiatives.

Tenant sustainability initiatives

Formed strategic alliance with tenant operator of Vital’s largest asset, Epworth Foundation, to share information and improve sustainability outcomes.

Charitable initiatives

NorthWest made charitable donations totalling $60,000. Employees also volunteered for several community groups in New Zealand and Australia.

Professional development

~14 hours of professional development per employee was undertaken, focusing on mentoring, ‘stretch’ goal setting and project management.

Sustainability committees

Our sustainability programme was strengthened with the establishment of regional and global sustainability committees to develop a comprehensive sustainability framework.

Sustainability peer review

A robust peer review process was established, drawing on both internal and external stakeholders, to determine Vital’s sustainability priorities.