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Vital offers a unique opportunity to invest in healthcare real estate across Australia and New Zealand

Vital only invests in healthcare real estate, primarily hospital, out-patient, aged care and research facilities and is landlord to many of Australia and New Zealand’s leading private healthcare operators.

Healthcare is a defensive sector with expenditure largely government or insurer funded or non-discretionary. As a result, Vital’s income is less impacted by economic or business cycles than other classes of investment property.

Ageing and growing populations in both Australia and New Zealand coupled with rising life expectancy and ongoing improvements in science, technology and care continue to lead to increased demand for healthcare. Increased demand supports Vital’s investments.

Vital’s key characteristics include:

  1. A market-leading weighted average lease term (known as WALE or WALT).
  2. Embedded earnings growth under indexed leases.
  3. Strong, established tenant / operators and high occupancy rate.
  4. Defensive operating fundamentals based on cure healthcare focus.
  5. Long track record of performance.
  6. A significant development pipeline.
  7. Unmatched sector expertise from the Manager.

Vital seeks to deliver stable and growing total Unit Holder returns, including an attractive risk-adjusted income distribution, sourced from healthcare property.

How to invest

We are listed on the NZX under code: VHP and part of the NZX50 (among other indices). Contact a financial adviser or broker to learn how to invest directly. You can find brokers in your area listed on the NZX website.

Investment Overview

(as at 31 March 2024)
Total Return
10.2% p.a.
For the 10 years ended 31 March 2024
AFFO (adjusted funds from operations) growth per annum per unit
$2.72 per unit
31 March 2024
(*net tangible assets)
NPI* Growth
FY22 - FY23
(*net property income)