Volunteering at Ronald McDonald House of Charities NZ

Our team recently volunteered at Ronald McDonald House Charities New Zealand (RMHCNZ) to provide a family meal service for the loved ones of children being treated at Auckland’s Starship Hospital. During this heart-warming experience, we prepared, cooked and served dinner. It was inspiring to see the resilience and strength of these families, and to be able to offer them a small reprieve from their daily worries.
No matter how big or small, giving back is always such a gratifying experience. We left with full hearts and open minds and look forward to continuing to support our local communities to make a difference.
RMHCNZ assists families while their children receive treatment at a hospital in New Zealand, away from home. In 2022, RMHCNZ offered complimentary accommodation and support to nearly 3,600 families across its facilities situated throughout New Zealand, marking the busiest year since its initial establishment in New Zealand 31 years ago. This support alleviates stress, including the financial burden of finding accommodation close to the hospital, coordinating family meals and providing a sympathetic presence during difficult times.