Investors Performance


We are focused on delivering earnings growth for our unitholders and are targeting AFFO growth of 2-3% per unit per annum over the medium term. Earnings growth is expected to support both a steady increase in distributions to unitholders and unit price appreciation over time. A combination of earnings growth, distribution growth and unit price appreciation is expected to enable us to continue to outperform the NZX property index on a total return basis into the future.

16.3% p.a. total return for the 10 years ended 31 December 2021
4.3% p.a above benchmark (S&P/NZX REIT Index)
  • Vital
  • S&P/ NZX All Real Estate Index
Source: Forsyth Barr, as at 31 December 2021

Comparative Returns

Total return to 31 December 2021* 1yr (p.a.) 5yr (p.a.) 10yr (p.a.) Index inception (p.a.)**
Vital -0.9% 13.2% 16.3% 13.7%
S&P/NZX all real estate index 2.9% 11.8% 12.3% 9.4%
Vital’s performance vs NZX REIT -3.8% 1.4% 4.0% 4.3%

Source: Forsyth Barr as at 31 December 2021
*Total returns measured by change in unit price plus post tax distributions to 31 December 2021
**S&P/NZX All Real Estate Index and S&P/NZX 50 Index data from 31 December 2004, being the inception date of the NZX All Real Estate Index