Kensington Hospital

Kensington Hospital

12 Kensington Avenue

Kensington Hospital is a two-level building comprising three theatres and 19 beds, along with an adjoining building containing consulting and support services.

Kensington Hospital is utilised for both inpatient and day-stay surgery. The site is centrally located in the Whangarei suburb of Kensington, approximately 2.5 kilometres from the Whangarei CBD.

An extension to the property was completed in 2008, which provided an additional operating theatre for endoscopic and elective surgery procedures.

In July 2016 the Trust announced that it had secured a new 30-year lease with Kensington Hospital Ltd at the site.

Property Summary

As at 31 December 2023 Kensington Hospital
12 Kensington Avenue
  • $23.1m Market Value
  • 22.5yrs WALE
Asset class Hospital (Acute)
Occupancy 100.0%
Major tenant Kensington Hospital Limited
Market capitalisation rate 6.3%