Sustainability Targets


We have set short, medium and long-term targets for our People, Practice and Places to ensure we are helping to deliver better outcomes for individuals, tenants and communities.

As a specialist healthcare property owner we are seeking to ensure sustainability of the Trust and its asset base. This is consistent with our strategy of holding assets for long-term rental return and capital growth rather than viewing them as trading assets.

Short term goals

Our short term (FY22) sustainability goals are:


  • Continue to improve diversity on the Board and in Management*
  • Focus on mentoring and career progression
  • Encourage greater community involvement
  • Continue existing professional development


  • Establish baseline environmental reporting
  • Meet distribution guidance and AFFO target
  • Maintain prudent payout ratio
  • Continue charitable and community support programs
  • Extend and diversify debt


  • Participate in third-party assessments through GRESB and CDP
  • Improve our CDP score
  • Deploy sustainability initiatives with key stakeholders including tenants
  • Continue to progress investigation of additional solar installations
*as part of wider renewal/recruitment processes.

Medium Term Goals

Our medium term sustainability goals are to:
  • Reduce GHG emissions from Vital’s portfolio and NorthWest REIT’s operations;
  • Increase the “green” attributes, such as solar energy use, waste and water use reduction;
  • Prefer green buildings for acquisitions and ensure that new developments adopt green principles;
  • Support our tenants to improve patient outcomes, employee amenities and reduce their environmental impacts;
  • Support our host communities through charitable giving, volunteering and the provision of key infrastructure that accords with their healthcare, environmental and economic needs and aspirations; and
  • Ensure a majority of our portfolio meets a framework of standards denoting green building status.