~$65m valuation loss expected at 31 December 2022

NorthWest Healthcare Management Properties Management Limited (the Manager), the manager of Vital Healthcare Property Trust (Vital) advises that it expects Vital to record a property revaluation loss of ~$65m for the six months ended 31 December 2022, with ~55% of the portfolio (by value) having been independently valued.

This preliminary draft revaluation loss represents a 1.9% decrease since 30 June 2022 (reflecting a stable Australian portfolio and a 6.5% loss for Vital’s New Zealand portfolio). The loss reflects a 14 basis points softening in the weighted average cap rate for the portfolio (9 basis points softening for Australia and 26 basis points softening for New Zealand).

The indicative revaluation loss referred to above is subject to audit and will be confirmed when Vital’s interim results are released (expected to occur on 23 February 2023).

Indicative Revaluations at 31 December 2022 156kb Download