Allotment of distribution reinvestment plan units

For the purposes of Listing Rule 3.13.1, NorthWest Healthcare Properties Management Limited (the Manager) advises that the following new units in Vital Healthcare Property Trust (Vital) have been issued:

a) Class of financial product: Vital Healthcare Property Trust Ordinary Units
c) Number issued: 1,823,568
d) Issue price: $3.081816
e) Nature of the payment: Cash, pursuant to the Distribution reinvestment plan
f) Amount paid up: Fully paid
g) Percentage of total class of financial products issued: 0.35% of the total number of units on issue immediately prior to the issue of the new units
h) Reason for issue: Distribution reinvestment in respect of the distribution of 2.2500 cents per unit payable on 23 September 2021
i) Specific authority for issue: Distribution reinvestment plan
j) Total number of financial products of the class after the Issue: 525,667,143
k) Terms or details of the issue: The new units rank equally in all respects with existing ordinary units in Vital Healthcare Property Trust
l) Date of issue: 23 September 2021

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Aaron Hockly
Fund Manager, Vital Healthcare Property Trust
Tel 09 973 7301, Email

Michael Groth
Chief Financial Officer, NorthWest Healthcare Properties Management Limited
Tel +61 409 936 104, Email

About Vital (NZX code VHP):

Vital Healthcare Property Trust is an NZX-listed fund that invests in high-quality healthcare properties in New Zealand and Australia including private hospitals (~85% of portfolio value), ambulatory care facilities (~10% of portfolio value) and aged care (~5% of portfolio value).

Vital is the leading specialist listed landlord of healthcare property in Australasia and currently has a portfolio valued at over $2.6 billion.

Vital is managed by NorthWest Healthcare Properties Management Limited, a subsidiary of Toronto Stock Exchange listed NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT, a global owner and manager of healthcare property.

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