Vital Allotment of DRP Units

For the purposes of Listing Rule 7.12.1, the Manager of Vital Healthcare Property Trust, Vital Healthcare Management Limited,* hereby advises the following new units have been issued:

(a)     Class of Security: Vital Healthcare Property Trust ordinary units

         ISIN: NZCHPE0001S4

(b)     Number issued: 334,444

(c)     Issue price: $2.2398 per unit

(d)     Payment terms: Cash, pursuant to the Distribution Reinvestment Plan

(e)     Amount paid up: Fully paid

(f)     Percentage of Class of Securities issued: 0.10% of the total number of units on issue immediately prior to the issue of the new units

(g)     Reason for issue: Distribution reinvestment in respect of the distribution of 2.125 cents per unit payable on 24 June 2016

(h)     Specific authority for issue: Distribution Reinvestment Plan

(i)      Terms of issue: The units will rank equally in all respects with existing ordinary units in the Trust

(j)      Total number of Securities of Class in existence after issue: 345,997,825

(k)     Treasury Stock: Not applicable

(l)      Date of issue:  24 June 2016


* The Issuer is relying on the class waiver from Rule 7.11.1 dated 8 November 2011.


– ENDS –

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